Breech Presentation

​Spinning Babies: Breech
If Your Baby Is Breech
​Breech Birth Resources

Cervical Exams, Dilation
​Friedman's Curve and Failure to Progress: A Leading Cause of Unplanned C-Sections
Dilation: How To Check Without Checking

Diet And Nutrition
Foods For Healthy Blood
Nutrition During Pregnancy
Pregnancy Nutrition: Before, During And After Baby
Herbal Allies For Pregnancy Problems

Doula Information
​The Evidence For Doulas

3 Principles In Pregnancy
Exercise-Daily Activities
​Exercise-Weekly Activities

B Strep in Pregnancy
Alternative Treatments For GBS

Gestational Diabetes
To Test or Not to Test
​Gestational Diabetes and The Glucola Test
Gestational Diabetes

Healthy Pregnancy
No-Nonsense Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy & Baby
Natural Remedies During Pregnancy

Optimal Foetal Positioning
Spinning Babies
OFP - Home Birth Reference Site
​Optimal Foetal Positioning For a Better Birth
Webster Technique

Perineal Massage
Perineal Massage In Pregnancy
What's The Evidence For Perineal Massage?

Positive Birth Stories
Hypnobabies Birth Stories
Positive Birth Stories
Birth Goddess - Positive Birth Stories
Natural Childbirth Stories

Ultrasound is Not as Safe as Commonly Thought
Ultrasounds In Pregnancy-Are They Safe?
​The Biology Of The Ultrasound


Understanding The Stages Of Labor
Positions For Labor And Birth
Checklist Of Comfort Measures
How To Unhurry The Moment Of Birth

Cesarean Section
Skin To Skin Care After A C-Section
The Natural C-Section-A Woman Centered Technique
International Cesarean Awareness Network
C-Section Recovery-A Holistic Recovery

Medical Risks of Epidural Anesthesia During Childbirth
Drugs In Labor-What Effects Do They Have 20 Years Hence?
Evidence Based Medicine: Are Epidurals Safe?
The Hidden Risks Of Epidurals
Epidurals: Risks For Mother And Baby
​Straight Talk On Epidurals For Labor

​Fetal Monitoring
Evidence Based Fetal Monitoring

Hormones in Labor
Hormones in Labor and Birth-How Your Body Helps You
Pain In Labor: Your Hormones Are Your Helpers
Go With The Flow

Aging of the Placenta-Reason to Induce?

Natural Induction
Acupressure Video 1
Acupressure Video 2

Skin to Skin
Evidence for Skin to Skin after Cesarean

Third Stage Management
Third Stage of Labor pdf
Leaving Well Alone
Benefits Of a Natural Third Stage

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)
VBAC Birth Facts
13 Myths About VBACS
VBAC Birth Stories


Baby Wearing
Wrap Your Baby

Baby Moon

Creating Your Baby Moon - A Guide for a Healing Postpartum

How Does Milk Production Work
Breastfeeding Made Simple 
La Leche League Canada
International Breastfeeding Centre/Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute

Ask Lenore
Kelly Mom
Low Milk Supply
LactMed Database

50 Reasons to Leave it Alone
Functions of the Foreskin: Purpose of the Prepuce
An appeal to new fathers
​Circumcision Information and Resource Pages
The Male Infant Circumcision Information Site
​National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers 
The Unkindest Cut? - Documentary discussing infant circumcision
Myths About Circumcision You Likely Believe

Co-Sleeping/Infant Sleeping
Safe Co-Sleeping Guidelines
Sleeping Through the Night
​James McKenna Library - The Natural Child Project
Studies on Normal Infant Sleep

Erythromycin Eye Ointment Always Necessary for Newborns?

Vitamin K​
Vitamin K Articles from Sara Wickham
Evidence for Vitamin K
Vitamin K Prophylaxis
​Vitamin K-Are Babies Born Deficient?
Administration of Vitamin K to Newborns
​​Vitamin K shot at Birth: The Controversy Reignites

Newborn Bath
Why the Newborn Bath Should Wait

Antimicrobial Properties of Vernix and Amniotic Fluid

Benefits of Vernix

Perinatal Anxiety BC
Preventing Postnatal Depression
Pacific Postpartum Support Society
Postpartum Depression and PTSD
Postpartum: 4th Trimester

Dr. Sears
​Natural Parenting Resources
Natural Child Project
​Attachment Parenting Canada
Teach Through Love

Vaccine Awareness
Vaccine Choice Canada
National Vaccine Information Center
CDC-Possible Side Effects From Vaccines
Dr. Mercola-Vaccine Articles


Science Supports Home Birth Safety
Outcomes of Planned Homebirths with Certified Midwives

Home Birth Demonstration Project
A True Look At Home Birth: A Video
Giving Birth At Home
9 Practical reasons For Home Birth
The Wax Home Birth Meta-Analysis

Inspirational Birth Videos
Jaxon's Birth
Journey To Birth: Coco Milou
Laughing at Birth
The Beautiful Homebirth of Grace
She's a Girl just Like Me
It's My Body, My Baby, My Birth
Midwives And Doulas Slideshow
Third Stage Of Labor and Post Birth Video
Home Birth Of Baby Elias

Pregnancy Loss/Neonatal Death
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Pregnancy Loss

Water Birth
The Benefits of Waterbirth
Evidence on Water Birth Safety

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