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techniques and informing us of the many different choices & alternatives that would allow this to happen safely, Jen made me feel empowered by what my body could do, and therefore feel confident in taking control of the birth of our child. What I really loved, was that Jen did not sugar-coat the idea of labour, she was very honest & open about everything, and that made me feel a lot more realistic in what to expect. I never felt judged if our opinions differed, only supported and safe.
I had a very long labour, but Jen was there every step of the way! Whether it was keeping both my husband and I calm, dimming lights to relax me, gently reminding me of my options when things got tough, holding me up, helping me push, or even just bringing me juice & water to keep my energy levels up. And when our sweet boy eventually arrived, she was there to capture that amazing moment in her beautiful photography. I will cherish the birth album that Jen made for us forever! Thank you Jen, for making such an important life experience, a thousand times more amazing! - Zoë & Paul, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

I discovered Jen's website while doing research on Doulas in my area. I immediately felt a connection with her and knew that she would be an ideal match for us. When I met her, she did not disappoint. She exudes warmth, positivity and a quiet confidence that I feel would put any first time Mom at ease. I was sold! My husband, on the other hand, was apprehensive about the idea of having a doula, "isn't supporting you my job?" and "but we have a midwife, do we really need one?" he would ask. When I played to his scientific side, and shared the research with him about a doula's role and about the positive outcomes associated with having a doula present he bought in. 

I am forever grateful for Jen and the support she gave me during my pregnancy and delivery! I knew before I got pregnant that I wanted a doula but my husband was hesitant as he thought he would be enough support. If you ask him now that our son is born, he raves about Jen and the support she provided to both of us during the birth of our first baby. Not only was Jen knowledgeable and resourceful she was full of information that you can not learn from a book. Her calming voice was a constance during the most anxious moments of  

Having Jen as my (our) doula for the birth of our first child, was a wonderful and enlightening experience! I was never scared of labour, but being a person who never thought about it very much, I had absolutely zero idea of what to expect, other than what you see in movies! My husband is in the medical field, and therefore has only really witnessed birth in a very medically controlled environment. The pre-natal classes were very helpful, Jen taught us that the process of birth could (and should!) be, something to look forward to, embrace, and even enjoy! We wanted as natural a birth as possible, and by teaching me coping 

to say the least but after the initial meet up we both knew she was going to be our doula-she just clicked and it felt like we were talking to a friend I had never met. My husband and I are so grateful for all the help Jen gave us during pregnancy and during labor. During our prenatal visits Jen went over a plethora of information of what to expect before labor and during. During our prenatal visits Jen went over a plethora of information of what to expect before labor and during. She spent time with us and made us feel genuinely cared for as clients; answering any questions we had. Before and during labor, she was available via phone, text, email 24/7. Her help during labor was indispensible. We truly couldn't have asked for a more beautiful birthing experience. She was also as helpful and caring following delivery.
As a sweet bonus, she took some wonderful photos as we shared our first moments as a family of three. Jen is an extremely talented birth photographer, capturing the best (and emotional) moments during labor and after birth, while being unobtrusive and letting my husband and I enjoy those moments as a couple-we feel so grateful to have those moments captured, images we will cherish for years and will someday show our son as we tell him his story. Jen is the most caring and nurturing person which makes her perfect as a doula. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. She is passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable in what she does- a true gem! - Alla & Tikhon, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

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they were all true: professional, caring, thoughtful, knowledgable, calm, strong, experienced.  What got me was the fact that Jen has had 6 of her own children!  We met and hit it off immediately!  She's 'kindred spirit' as Anne of Green Gables would say. Jen was there for me in a way that a doctor/midwife couldn't be.  She came to our home, brought us books to read and videos to watch, and went over what we would need to know for birthing day.  As my due date approached she texted me and cheered me on.  I was so thankful to have her there to contact as questions came up and as decisions had to be made.  I was 11 days past my 'due date' and Jen was so good at keeping me calm and focused and relaxed. I still get teary eyed when I think about the day my son was born.  We had him at home and it was the most amazing experience.  Jen got to see me at my most vulnerable and what meant the most to me was that she held my hand throughout.  The pictures that she took at the birth are such an absolute treasure!  So tasteful and well done.  I can't imagine my birthing story without her in it.  Thank you so much Jen!  - Jacquie & Richard, Birth Doula Clients

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first photo out in this world thanks to Jen! Such beautiful memories captured so wonderfully! We have loved to share the photo book with our family and friends as it captures our birth story! we don't regret anything about hiring Jen! She is always willing to answer questions and is quick in her responses! I can't thank her enough for supporting us through such a difficult journey! Our pregnancy had a few ups and downs but Jen was always there providing the guidance and the help we needed! As first time parents I don't know how we could have made it through without her. We are ever so grateful to have her be apart of our story. I still remember my husband contacting Jen when my water broke, Jen continued to check in with us regardless of what was going on for her. We never felt like we weren't important to her. She made us feel secure and confident as our doula! - Reena & Ashook, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

proper breathing techniques and being the gentle and sane person I needed, even when I felt that everything else was going crazy.  My birth did not go as planned but my son was born healthy via c-section and even though I was out for the procedure, Jen stayed with my husband as I slept and waited for me to be united with my son. It meant so much, seeing she was still there even when she couldn't be in the OR.  It is beyond evident that Jen takes her role as a doula seriously and professionally.  She will definitely be one of the first I call when I'm pregnant again because I could not imagine going through such an experience without her. - Cheryl, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Client

supporting what I wanted for this birth experience—was huge in expelling any fears when I finally went into labour. During my labour Jen was instrumental in holding the space for me to feel each contraction while reminding me of my body's innate ability to birth naturally. She coached me during each contraction with my breath and encouraged me to move in anyway that felt instinctively right. Many times I felt I'd 'hit the wall' with how many more contractions I could take or pushes towards the end of my labour, but hearing her calming and reassuring voice would bring me back to the present moment and I knew I would be able to get through it. My husband also felt that having Jen there helped him relax knowing I was being so well-cared for which helped alleviate any extra anxiety for him during my labouring and birth. Jen also came by our home for a few post-partum visits which was wonderful. Again, I felt I could talk candidly with her and she also gave some breast feeding tips which was very helpful for me as a new mom. I would highly recommend Jen as a Doula to anyone looking for a truly wholistic, supportive and conscious birthing experience. I'm so grateful I had Jen as my Doula and I give her tons of credit for my drug-free, uncomplicated birthing experience.  - Jen and James, Birth Doula Clients

books from it and she also referred us to other practitioners (chiropractor, acupuncturist) that we felt would be able to assist with turning our breech baby around!When labour finally started, in a nutshell, it didn’t go as planned! It started with being diverted to another hospital at midnight as the one we planned on delivering at had no beds available in the maternity ward. This was followed by a very long and painful labour, which ended up being augmented with oxytocin and an epidural. Obviously this was not the outcome that we had planned on, however, given slow/stalled progress and the fact that we had missed a night of sleep, it was the best choice in the circumstances. Throughout the whole experience, Jen was incredibly supportive to both of us and provided so much encouragement in what was a new and stressful experience for us. She was with us at the hospital for over 24 hours, had lots of suggestions for natural pain management, different labour positions, etc. Jen was also very supportive of our decision to ultimately augment the labour. Simply put, we couldn’t have done it without her! The photos she took after the birth were beautiful and are a priceless keepsake that we now have to remember that very special day. We absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula – she is caring, calm, knowledgeable and truly passionate about what she does! - Laurel and Peter, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

Jen is an incredible human being and having her be apart of the birth of our second son was such a gift. She guided us smoothly through the various prenatal questions and preparation – always encouraging us to make the choice that is best for our family and providing ample well-researched resources to help us make those decisions. Having the goal of a completely natural and intervention-free birth can be difficult at the

We love Jen and we feel so blessed that she was a part of our birthing experience!  I am 41 years old and my first son was born this past July.  I was so excited to finally be pregnant and I wanted the best birthing experience possible.  I went with a midwife and we were planning a home birth.   As I started also consider the benefits of having a doula help as well, Jen was recommended to me by a friend who was also pregnant.  My friend couldn't say enough good things about Jen, and I have to agree that

Jen was our doula for the delivery of my first baby. I had been researching natural birth for quite some time and when I learned what a doula was, I quickly knew I wanted to have one at my birth. When I got pregnant, I still wanted a doula and especially with my life situation (we had just moved to BC). I knew having a doula was vital, so I started my search and quickly found Jen and set up a time to meet. At first my husband was skeptical

helped me have the confidence to voice what I wanted and so we  went home and Jen came to our house and tried to help get the labour moving along.  She went above and beyond to do what she could to help so I wouldn't have to be induced. ​We went for multiple walks, she made me specials teas  and even was able to bring over a midwife to try some acupuncture on me - she just really helped me to relax. At 11pm that night we all went back to the hospital.  Nothing can ever prepare you for going through labour and this again is where Jen comes in.  I wouldn't have been able to get through the 36 hours of labour without Jen.  She has such a calming presence and helped me get through each and every contraction.   Jen stayed by my side from 5am Thursday morning until 1am Saturday.  You will not find a more knowledgeable, caring, inspiring birthing coach than Jen.  She gave me the confidence and motivation to make it through my labour and make it through the way I wanted it to happen.   Jen's help has not stopped there... Being a first time mom I was always able to talk to her anytime I had a question.  She is truly an amazing woman and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  - Jill and Jimmy, Birth Doula Clients

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Jen is amazing. She helped me find my voice, and have the birth experience I wanted. She was so loving and patient and made me feel safe during every minute of the experience. I felt that as long as she was with me I could do it. She is professional and knowledgeable and taught us many things that my husband and I are so thankful for. She was so caring and non judgmental. She truly cares about women and families

best of times but our family had an additional challenge as our first son was born via c-section because he was breech. We really wanted to a natural birth and Jen was the perfect support and encourager for that goal. After several doctors appointments, it was clear that we were going to have to be very adamant about our desires and not let the medical community push us into the various different interventions that they felt were routine and necessary being a ‘VBAC’. Jen took the time to talk through all of our concerns and help us set ourselves up for the best chance of success having to navigate around how to respectfully deal with the doctors and what they felt was necessary which we did not agree with. She always reassured us that what we wanted was good and encouraged us with what our options were and what we would be up against. It was so wonderful to have someone on our team that knew exactly where to go and what all of the routine procedures were so that we could prepare ourselves for what the hospital staff would want to do.
At 40 weeks, I had been having cramps for at least a week but no real action yet. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I had never experienced labour before with my previous c-section. The week dragged on to 40 and 6, and I should have seen it coming as I spent the whole day cleaning and preparing and “nesting”. At 3:00am I felt a little pop and the cramps turned into contractions. I told my husband to get some sleep and I’d let him know when I needed him. I felt it would likely be awhile as this was my first labour. Things progressed quite quickly, I got in the tub and soon called my husband in to time the contractions. They were not slowing down and were quite steady so we called Jen. I remember thinking, I feel like Im going to throw up and that I can’t do this much longer. It seems like transition but seems so soon being my first. It was only 5:30-6:00 or so by this time. Things were progressing VERY quickly. Jen arrived and asked a few questions verifying that I was indeed in transition and calmly helped me out of the tub and supported the whole way to the hospital while my body was already pushing. What a wild ride. Her strength, steady peace and knowledge of the process helped me feel so safe. We arrived to the hospital, wheeled in on my hands and knees on the chair, got onto the hospital bed backwards, pushed twice and our sweet Benjamin’s was born. I did it! I got my VBAC and couldn’t be happier. Jen knew exactly where to go and which entrance was open since it was so early in the morning.
I feel so grateful that Jen was apart of the birth of our son and I would wish that some level of support, knowledge and calm reassurance for every woman preparing for birth. She is worth her weight in gold and you will give your whole family the gift of a more fulfilling birth experience, prenatal and postnatal support and the chance to meet and get to know one incredible woman. Thank you Jen! - Alesha and Kurt, Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Clients

and learning to surrender to my body was challenging, but inthe end Jen had educated me so well on all the processes that I knew when and where to be firm and where to let things happen. I was terrified about birth. I am proud to say I loved the birthing process and I'd do it a million times over again thanks to Jen! I came out feeling like a superhero and proud of my body for everything it could do and I know I would not have felt that way if Jen didn't educate me to be in charge of my own process. As with many births, it didn't go as I had written out but every decision I made with confidence and knowledge. I am even considering a water birth for the next time!! Jen changed my life and gave me a passion for the birth process. Thank you for all you do Jen! - Christy & Ryan, Birth Doula, Prenatal Education and Placenta Encapsulation Clients 

I came from Alberta to have our baby in BC so i was new to the community. From the beginning she provided me with much support and information to help me make some very important decisions, such as who my care givers would be and where I would give birth. Jen provides the wealth of knowledge that she has in this arena but allows you and your partner to make your choice. Her prenatal classes are fantastic filled with lots of  important information and fun, my husband found them to be very useful. Jen goes above and beyond and frankly I feel as though she should charge more because she is worth so much more. Anytime I needed her she was there, I could call on her and ask my questions and concerns. My birth journey began when I met Jen, she helped me work through my fears, she helped me through the emotional and spiritual side of birth which is so so important. She offered so many great techniques and tools to help better my physical health as well as my mental and emotional health. It was my first birth and it was the most incredible experience of my life. I was very determined to have a natural birth and she helped me achieve that with every step. The day our baby boy arrived Jen was pivotal for my husband and I, reassuring and coaching us through it all but allowing my husband and I to labour this baby. It was the most empowering moment of my life and I thank Jen for much of that.   - Carla & Damian, Birth Doula, Prenatal Education and Placenta Encapsulation Clients

We met with Jen a few times before the birth. She was professional and a wealth of knowledge on every topic we had questions on. She also provided us with extra resources and scientific studies on topics we wanted more information on (which my husband loved). She made the experience personal and supported our decisions without any judgement. We felt more prepared having Jen on our team. At the birth, Jen spent more than 16 hours with us, throughout the early labour at home, transitioning to the hospital and even afterwards. She was a calming presence and her techniques helped me cope with the intensity of contractions. During transition, I spent a long time trying to push without any progress and it was discovered that our baby was in OP position. My my body did not engage into the pushing phase. We had to consult with an OB, and consider options. Jen and our Midwife each assisted us in trying natural techniques which would help him to flip, including calling in an acupuncturist. He eventually rolled and we were able to have a natural vaginal birth. We don't believe that this would have been the outcome, had it not been for both of them. If you're thinking of hiring Jen, this first time Mom and initially skeptical science Dad would highly recommend it! - Jessica & Michael, Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Clients

my life. She always knew the appropriate words/massage or touch to put my mind at ease during labour. Her words of encouragement were very helpful during the moments of doubt. Without Jen, my memories of the greatest day of my life wouldn't be the same!!   - Amy and Adam, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

I knew having a doula would be helpful, but having Jen in particular made a bigger difference than I ever expected. When I was overdue and went to almost 42 weeks, Jen reassured me and helped ease my anxieties during what felt like such a long period of waiting. She also gave me the encouragement I needed to trust my own instincts. Because of this, I decided to wait an extra day before I would accept an induction, and I ended up going into labour on my own that day. She played an important 

You can ask Jen anything and get a response grounded in a vast experience of birth stories.
While in labour, Jen's support was unbelievable. She became the anchor for emotions and physical and mental struggles that we were all experiencing. It's like she stood in the eye of the hurricane, always calm and always there for guidance (and some much needed cold face cloths!). All birth stories are different. We could not imagine the story of the birth of our daughter without Jen's huge helping hand in the entire process. Go find Jen. You will not regret it. - Nova & Devin, Birth Doula, Prenatal Education and Placenta Encapsulation Clients

my husband and I so much on what to expect, answered all of our questions and we had a lot of laughs as well. She was more than just a doula to us, she was a friend. Into my third trimester I started getting alot of anxiety and she was always there for support.  ​She spent hours on the phone with me or texting giving me advice or just listening and never once did I feel judged by her or embarrassed by my concerns. If fact it was the opposite, she always made me feel totally comfortable, reassured and she opened up about similar situations in her own life. One example of Jen's kind heart is she offered me the appointment that she had booked for herself at her acupuncturist because she thought I needed it more. She met up with me to drive me there and sat in the room with me during treatment just to make me more comfortable. When labour came, she helped me breath through every contraction, suggested different positions and was there to support my husband and I without being intrusive. I ended up labouring at home until I was 10 cm dilated and getting to the hospital ready to push which is what I wanted. I ended up having the most amazing natural childbirth experience and giving birth to my baby girl Paige. Jen stayed with us a few hours after my daughter was born until my husband made me let her leave haha! Jen is truly a special woman and helped me discover a confidence in myself that I never knew existed. I am forever thankful she was apart of my experience. - Jen and Andrew, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

I could not be happier with Jen as our Doula. I did not know what to expect having a doula, but knew I need to have all the information and a resource available to me to ask questions and hear all the options. However, I knew I wasn't wanting a home-birth style birth. I knew I was far to skeptical for that. Jen answered every question I ever gave her with options for me to make a decision based on what was best for me, my pregnancy and my family. I never once felt pressured and I never felt uneducated about anything. I am a very 'type-a' and controlling person

role in supporting me so that I could make the right decision. Having Jen’s encouragement and experience was essential to being able to have the natural birth that I had hoped for. She was a reassuring presence and knew exactly what to do to help me relax. Jen even transformed the hospital room into the perfect, calm atmosphere with electric candles. She provided an important level of support on the birth team and helped make my birth a positive experience. Before and after the birth, Jen was always available to answer questions with a text, email, or phone call. She shared resources and kept in regular contact. The photos she captured are amazing – to be able to look back on those first moments of meeting our daughter is incredibly special. Jen is a genuine, calm, and gentle person. My husband and I really enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her during our prenatal and postpartum visits. Thank you Jen!  - Kimberly & Mark, Birth Doula Clients

Jen exceeded all my expectations.  We hired Jen for Prenatal Classes and I am so thankful I was put in touch with her.  The knowledge she shared with us is more than I could have imagined.  She gave me the tools and confidence I need to go through with the natural birth I want.  She gave us great techniques and positions to work with for labour and every angle was covered including the many alternatives to narcotics.  I cannot wait to share my birth story with her.  "Knowledge is power."​​ - Lisa & Nick, Prenatal Education Clients 

labor/birth. During the actual birthing process, Jen was very supportive. It was so useful to have her there. I couldn't imagine not having her there to help guide us and support my husband. One of the best things for the photos that we received! They are incredible! Truly a reflection of what we went through, something that we will always treasure and cherish.  We are so grateful that Jen was able to document these moments to photography and then share them with us. She did an amazing job on the editing!

We are so grateful that Jen was able to document these moments through photography and then share them with us. She did an amazing job on the editing! We have no hesitation in recommending Jen and we will use her again should we have a second baby.  - Shivani & Freddie, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

Jen was our birth doula for the birth of our first son. She was recommended by a colleague, and upon meeting her, we knew right away it was a perfect fit. We didn't have to search any further and she was the first person that we met with. Jen is kind, informative, supportive and knowledgeable. She answered all questions, whether it was in person or text or email. We had prenatal sessions with her, which were also very informative and helpful. We learned a lot of things that we didn't otherwise know about, and we felt better prepared going into 

Jen thank you for being absolutely amazing at what you do! Our experiences with you were nothing but positive. From the thorough prenatal classes in the privacy of our own home you answered every question and concern of ours with ease. One thing we appreciated the most was that Jen was always on time! Open communication is very important and we felt she brought that to the table! Loved the wonderful photo keepsake book she also made for us! I was able to see our baby's

Going into my first pregnancy I knew I needed some extra help in addition to having Daddy there. I wanted an experienced Doula that could be with me from start to finish. Jen came highly recommended to us and from the first meeting we felt completely comfortable with her.
One of the things that we found helpful was that Jen was able go through the prenatal workshop with us in the comfort of our own home. These classes helped to strengthen our relationship with Jen. We felt like we were able to ask the questions we wanted and were able to explore the topics we really needed to understand more. She provided a wide range of

medically induced, due to risk to baby. I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through my labour without Jen. Because of the induction, my contractions came on quite strong and close together throughout my entire labour, and to top that off I had severe lower back pain and pressure. I pretty much wore Jen’s TENS machine throughout my labour and I don’t think her hands stopped massaging my lower back for more than a few minutes at a time! Jen was such a calm and reassuring presence for myself and my husband, talking me through each contraction and providing constant encouragement and support. When things felt too intense she was so helpful with suggesting position changes, using her soothing oils and other natural pain relief strategies.  I honestly feel that I would have ended up so disappointed with my birth experience if I hadn’t hired Jen and I’m sure I would have ended up with an epidural and  c-section (two things I knew ahead of time I really, really didn’t want)!!
It’s seldom that you meet someone who is so well suited and as passionate about their career as Jen. I could go on and on but to sum it up: Jen was amazing, truly a wealth of knowledge and support, anyone who has her as their doula will not be disappointed. - Kimberley and Mark, Birth Doula Clients

Words can not explain how incredible Jen was as our Doula but I will do my best. Jen was born to do this, she is a pioneer in the birthing world and I would encourage every woman to hire her for your birthing journey. She is one of the most warm, compassionate, loving, knowledgable, wise and intelligent women I have ever met in my life. Jen is an inspiration from her own birth stories to how she empowers women everyday to find who they are through this journey of pregnancy and birth. 

With Love, 

she was the right person to embark on this journey with us, we hired her on the spot! Due to my work schedule (working long nights and some weekends) I could not attend any prenatal classes and was feeling disappointed by this. Jen offered to do prenatal workshops in the comfort of our own home at a time and day that worked well for us. This was amazing and helped to prepare us for the impending birth of our son! Together we created a birth plan that I felt comfortable with, which included as little interventions as possible and no drugs! I was adament on this as I wanted to experience as natural a birth as possible. My labour was not like anything I had envisioned or prepared for. It was long, enduring and I encountered some complications which I did not plan for. My baby was posterior for the majority of the labour, which was extremely painful for me. If I did not have Jen there to support me, I don't know how I would have managed to cope. It was determined that I would most likely need a c section and the OR room was booked, midwives in scrubs and they were handing my husband his scrubs to get changed. Jen knew I was not happy with this. When everyone else gave up on me, it was her and my husband that encouraged me to cont pushing. Thanks to Jen, I gave birth to my son naturally and safely and it is an experience I am grateful to have had! She also created a lovely keepsake book for us with photos of our birth experience - photos I will cherish forever! - Kristin & Jarod, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

We experienced a very long labor, and Jen stayed with us and guided us the whole time.  For me, I loved having use of the different tools and helpful items she brought along.  For my husband, it was wonderful having the extra support and someone to relieve him at times.  We also love the photos and keepsake album Jen created for us.  Without her, we wouldn't have captured those first moments and first few hours of our daughter's life.   I would (and do) recommend Jen to any and all friends who are having babies as without her, I'm sure we wouldn't have had such a calm and enjoyable birth experience!  - Kate and Jason, Birth Doula Clients

and what they feel is right for them. She not only supported me in the birth of my first child, but she supported me as I leaned to speak up for my right to have the birth I wanted. She is gentle, soft spoken, and kind, and she will support you through your birth as much or as little as you need. She will be the first person I call when I find out I'm pregnant again! - Krista & Joe, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

for. Throughout labour and delivery, Jen took numerous photos which she presented to us in an album.  A skilled photographer, her photos capture some beautiful moments which we are so grateful to have documented.  Jen also encapsulated my placenta, which has helped me cope with the physical and emotional transition post-partum.  Jen is an incredibly skilled and compassionate doula and comes with our highest recommendations! - Michelle & Jason, Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Clients

supportive of my decisions, and I don’t know how I’d have  gotten through everything without her. She was very compassionate, very knowledgeable, and made me feel very secure in this new experience. Jen's confidence, knowledge, skill, and calming presence was a tremendous asset to me during my pregnancy, labour and birth, I am grateful that she was able to be my doula. ​​- Ramona and Duncan, Birth Doula Clients

every step of the way! Every contraction she talked me through and provided the calming support I needed in the moment. Terrified, I looked to Jen and it was her confidence and assured encouragement that made me feel like i would make it through this because I knew in my heart when I left the hospital I wasn't making it back.  When we arrived home, Jen suggested a bath because my body was going into shock. No sooner did I get settled into the bath, was I overcome with this uncontrollable urge to push! Immediately Jen called the midwife and 911. In the midst of sheer terror for me and my hubby, Jen was so calm and still exuding confidence. She managed to stay on the line with 911 and still talk me through it encouraging us every step of the way. Ambulance showed up but Jen was still the star shining. 50 minutes after being discharged and arriving home my lil angel was born. Baby came out sac in tact and Jen helped lift baby to me while lifting the caul up off her face! This perfect birth transpired in the midst of chaos! I am so thankful for Jen and that she was apart of our miracle. She was simply AMAZING and continued to provide me with her support in the weeks following the birth. If you are considering having a doula be apart of your birthing experience, I am telling you that it was a great honour to have her apart of mine! - Kristen & Mike, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients 

What can I say to describe my experience with Jen? She was knowledgeable, supportive, kind, flexible, reassuring, patient and by my side throughout my birth. It was tough, but she was my anchor during those 30 hours. Her guidance did not stop once my little one was born, but continued when she checked in on us in the hospital and in our postpartum visit once we went home. Jen also helped me advocate for the medical follow up I needed to recover and heal following my daughter’s birth. Words cannot express how grateful we both are to be healthy and thriving, in no small part to Jen’s support. In addition, the photo album she created for us was just gorgeous and is something we will treasure always. - Kelly, Birth Doula Client

Jen is an amazing doula!  Her calm, professional demeanor and competence were evident from our first meeting and was critical during 48+ hours of labour.  We found the prenatal visits very helpful in preparing us for labouring at home; however, we were so thankful that Jen came to our home and coached through 2 days of labour!  Had she not been present, we would have gone to the hospital much earlier and labour very likely would have been medically induced.  With Jen's guidance, we explored a wide range of natural pain relief and labour enhancers (e.g., walking, acupuncture, homeopathics, massage, and various positioning), minimized time spent in hospital, and achieved the natural birth we hoped

Jen was our doula for the birth of our first child, and we also chose to have our prenatal classes with her. From our first meeting, we were very comfortable with Jen and felt confident in her experience and abilities. Her natural approach to pregnancy and birth were in line with the experience that we wanted to have. Jen was a great source of information on various topics and always discussed all the alternatives to any decision we were facing with respect to issues arising in the pregnancy. We took advantage of her lending library, reading several 

Doula Jen is a rare human. Few are as genuine as she is. No one has the stamina she possesses. Jen believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to make decisions during the birth experience that feel best for the family. We were given that opportunity thanks to Jen and her guidance through pregnancy, labour and postpartum. 
Jen is someone who things things through in a philosophical manner, as if she has never made a decision in life without deliberate thought and

It's hard to express how incredibly valuable it was to have a doula at our birth, especially someone as wonderful as Jen. I felt so well supported going into labour with her only a phone call away. She was calm and reassuring not only to me, but also to my husband. She knew when to let him take a front seat, and when to step in and offer guidance. I would recommend her to anyone and I am so happy I made the decision to have Jen as part of my home birth team. An added bonus - the photos she captured! I didn’t realize how much I’d treasure having those! Thank you Jen, you are very special to us and we are so grateful! - Angela & Jaime, Birth Doula, Prenatal Education and Placenta Encapsulation Clients

grateful for that as we were still a bit in shock so definitely weren't thinking of pictures!  I didn't even know she was taking them!  The thing I am most thankful to Jen for was the postpartum support I received.  My baby had slow weight gain after birth and I was feeling a bit pressured to do some things I wasn't comfortable with and Jen constantly reminded me that I was a good mother and I could do this! She replied to my endless ranting texts and really helped me stay positive.  She recommended a wonderful LC and even a cranial sacral therapist to help with my fussy little girl!  Jen is an awesome person and would definitely be one of the first people I would call if I found out I was pregnant again! - Cathy & Mike, Birth Doula Clients

information and research for us. I knew I wanted to have an all natural birth experience from the moment I found out I was pregnant and I couldn't have done it without the knowledge from Jen. The closer I got to my due date the more hesitant I became in having an all natural experience but Jen reassured every hesitation and made me feel completely confident. She helped us go through and write our birth plan, which was a blessing, because labor happened so fast for us we forgot to bring our birth plan with us to the hospital. Jen met us at the hospital, she assisted us in expressing our wishes to the nurses and doctors and within an hour we had our beautiful daughter. At our postnatal visit an indescribable gift came to us in the form of a photo album. The photos Jen was able to capture were beyond beautiful. She brought it to us at our first postnatal visit and my heart melted, we would have never been able to capture those first moments as a new family without her. - Heather & Steve, Birth Doula and Prenatal Education Clients

I cannot express how happy I am with the support both my husband and I received from Jen. My husband and I have one son, who is adopted, but have never been through the labour experience before. So after the first few months of pregnancy hearing about family and friends negative experience of labour, I researched into finding a doula to support me through this process. I interviewed a few doula's recommended by my midwives but felt the best connection with Jen. My husband and I knew 

My experience with Jen as my doula was fantastic!  From the moment we met I knew I wanted her at my birth.  I had planned for a home birth but things moved so quickly I was told by my midwife to go to the hospital.  I was feeling a bit panicky at how fast everything was going but the second I saw Jen I calmed down.  My delivery was short and sweet and it was her voice that I was concentrating on the whole time.  One of the best parts was the glass of juice and delicious muffin she grabbed me right after delivery!  (I had gestational diabetes so it felt like a dream snack!!!)  On Jen's second postpartum visit she gave us a photo album with pictures she had taken immediately after our baby was born.  The pictures were so beautiful and real...I can't even describe the feelings they give me when I look at them.  We will forever be 

me stay calm and focused on getting through each  contraction.  Her help allowed me to feel comfortable, staying in the comfort of my home as labor progressed and when we arrived at the hospital I was already 8cm dilated.  Jen was also an amazing comfort source for my husband which allowed him to be a huge support for me through the labor. After Ryan was born Jen stayed with us until we were settled.  She then met with us several times in the first couple weeks after the birth and continued to check in with us by phone and email to provide additional support and advice as needed.  I will not hesitate to recommend Jen as a doula to anyone and if we decide to have another baby I hope Jen will be by our side.  - Micheal and Jaye, Birth Doula Clients 

My husband and I are both in the medical field and have attended some births and are familiar with the mechanics, so even though this was our first child we were hesitant about whether or not we’d actually need a doula. We both agree that hiring Jen was the best decision we could have made, hands down. Our pre-labour meeting was a great way to get me thinking about my birth plan and the interventions I was and wasn’t okay with. I had imagined a natural labour with no interventions but of course things never go exactly as planned and when the time came I had to be 

I can't say enough how wonderful it was getting to know Jen and having her as my Doula.  After attending a Prenatal in a day class I decided that I wanted to explore having a doula as part of my birth plan.  After meeting Jen in our consultation I knew for sure that she was the one for us! 
Both my husband and I found the prenatal sessions with Jen to be so beneficial!  She helped us to understand more about the birthing process and educated us and helped us to be more prepared for our upcoming experience. 

There are so many wonderful things I can say about Jen I don't even know where to start. My husband and I met Jen over coffee and decided immediately that we wanted her to be apart of our experience with pregnancy, labour and delivery. We decided to do our prenatal classes in the privacy of our own home. That's where we really got to know Jen. My husband and I both looked forward to having her come over. She always came in with her beautiful smile and a hug. During our classes she taught

Being this was my first pregnancy, I did not know what to expect.  Prior to hiring Jen as my doula, I really battled the fears of labour and childbirth.  But from the first meeting I had with Jen, I knew she was the right woman to guide me through my apprehensions and be there through this journey.  Our prenatal appointments gave me strength and courage to go into labour with a comfortable frame of mind.  We discussed my fears and she gave a non-judgmental ear to listen and proper tools to face those fears calmly and answered my husband's questions and concerns as well.  As I went into labor, Jen was there the entire time, assisting me with 

Having Jen as our Doula was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. When I first met her at our home during our first prenatal appointment, I knew immediately that she would be a perfect labour support for me and my husband. Jen's calming, grounded energy permeated our home at our initial meeting and I felt I had more confidence to birth naturally and without the use of pain medications. It was wonderful to have someone to talk candidly with during the prenatal meetings, where I could voice any fears or concerns or even excitement over the reality of becoming a parent. Knowing that she was my advocate,

I feel so incredibly honored to provide my services to women and their families.  I love that it’s challenging work - it will never get boring and certainly not predictable. I love having the opportunity to watch families grow, not only with a new addition but in strength and closeness and confidence. I love that families are willing to share this special and intimate time with me. I love how all the families I support are so unique…

I love the honor of being part of a lifelong memory. I love how pregnancy reminds women of their inner strength and seeing them grow in trust and confidence in what their bodies can do. I love the mystery and anticipation and beauty of birth. I love having the privilege of regularly witnessing the miracle of life.

Thank you to all the beauty-full families who invite me to be a part of their birthing journey!​ 

When I found Jen's website, I was impressed so I called and she was amazing.... I had to have her!!!! She met with me and my husband and i thought that i had truly found my sure thing! We signed up for pre-natal classes and were on our way, running towards the finish line!

D-day approaches and my contractions were progressing super fast and Jen met us at the hospital. The nurse checked me ... Only at 3 cm .... Whomp whomp how could this be? The midwife showed up and informed us of the bad news! Hospital policy is that a nurse must be assigned to midwife and due to lack of staff on hand Abbotsford is now diverting and so is Langley! You can head to New West or Surrey or you can go home and come back when you are 8 cm when they can't refuse you! WHERE WAS MY SURE THING? This can't be happening?!?!? I asked to be checked prior to leaving in which i was denied and discharged. Jen was with me 
I am so thankful that Jen was there throughout the labor and birth of Ryan.  It was my first labor and it was so comforting to have Jen there to guide me through the process.  We met with her several times prior to the labor which was a great way to get to know each other. She was in frequent phone contact with us as we approached and passed Ryan's due date and was great at giving advice and a supportive ear.  After 3 days of consistent but mild pre labor contractions, my active labor started quickly.  When we called Jen I was starting to feel like I couldn't breath with each contraction.  As soon as Jen arrived she was amazing at helping 
Words cannot describe what Jen means to me.  Being a first time mom I really had absolutely no idea what to expect going into Labour.  I had read plenty of books and thought I was going to breathe my way through each contraction until my baby magically appeared.  And then my water broke... it was finally about to happen!  I called Jen immediately and she helped me stay calm until I actually started labour.  By 5am the next morning I thought I was ready to go to the hospital so Jen met us there bright and early... turns out I hadn't even started dilating at all yet.  The doctors wanted me to stay at the hospital and be induced but this was not what I wanted, Jen

When people ask me how the birth of my baby was, they are constantly amazed at how I was able to deliver a big baby naturally at home without any drugs and smile when I talk about it today. I believe Jen's support was essential in making it happen. Our experience with her was remarkable. What I loved the most about her service was that she is always there to answer your calls/texts/emails at any time. This made us feel secure for when "the day" arrived. She also has back up doulas, just in case. I can’t express how helpful Jen was to me, and my husband. She was calm, very 

During the prenatal visits and prenatal classes, Jen taught me a lot about labour itself, how to breathe during labour, how to push, how to prepare for birth (both physically and emotionally) and she helped us reason with our fears and concerns about labour and about becoming parents.  Jen also taught my husband techniques to help support me during labour-which is​ what we were looking for as first time parents. She connected us to resources, including an acupuncturist, homeopathy and books/websites. We learned so much and Jen provided us with the right tips, tricks and tools to have a smooth, natural delivery.  We knew she was there during our pregnancy with any questions (big or little) as well as helpful advice and wisdom. Had we not known what she taught us – our labour and delivery would not have gone even half as well. Overall, Jen helped instil us with the skills, knowledge and confidence that we needed to have a wonderful birth experience. We felt her love of this profession in all our interactions. We are so thankful to have been connected to her. We had the most amazing birth experience because of her. We hope to connect with her in the future when we have another little bundle of joy! Thank you Jen! - Loren and Rosie, Birth Doula Clients


Jen was a joy to work with. She was very flexible and accommodating. Her calm, peaceful nature was a healing balm during this vulnerable yet precious stage. Jen had a wealth of experience that we could glean from. We will always remember with fondness Jen's involvement in our lives as we welcomed our babies into our family. Thank you Jen!" - Darlene and Pete, Postpartum Doula Clients

​Jen’s services as a doula were above and beyond. She made our experience as first time parents relaxing, less intimidating and overall less scary! She is knowledgeable, experienced, patient, non-judgemental, open and loving. Her excellent skills and kind personality are what made her a phenomenal doula and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for doula services! The birth of our first child (a daughter named Margaret) would not have gone as smoothly nor as beautifully had Jen not been there. We have so much to be thankful for reflecting on our pregnancy and birth experience – and at the top of the list is Jen!